Last Minute Valentines–Free Printable ;)

Last Minute Valentines–Free Printable ;)

Feeling really inspired by Martha Stewart’s “Punny” Valentine’s, my daughters and I set off to Target to get some goodies last night. When we came across bags of googley eyes for $2 bucks and snatched them up…

Coming up with a clever way to work them into our valentines was not as quick… best I could come up with was “I only have EYES for you!” Not really relevant or appropriate for a 5 and 6 year old.

Maybe we can make little love bugs with them? I suggested.

Fortunatley, my Gigi is super clever…

Mom, IIIIIeeee, really think you’re great. Get it? Pointing to her eye, “IIIIIeee.”

Love that kid, so we made 36 of them… You can print the template I made (clearly inspired by Martha’s) and tape the ring googly eyes right on them. Found them in the party favor section of Target. The kiddos loved them.





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