Happy Moms Day!

Happy Moms Day!

The evidence of a well executed moms day? Tears. Check. At the risk of sounding judgy (can’t help it, its a mom impulse…) the spouse nailed it. Having received some not as thoughtful gifts a time or two (see: “mom mug” or “balloon” from a panicked early morning trip to Harris Teeter), it can sometimes be a challenge to manage my expectations for moms day. But dang! Now I am going to sound braggy, what an amazingly thoughtful day… brunch at a place called Revolution in Durham–which he had to make a reservation for in … wait for it… advance, and a trip to the Duke Gardens?! My “I just want to feel appreciated” cup overfloweth. In short, I felt really, really loved. I hope the same for all the other moms out there. Some pics of the day.


revolution3 revolution2 revolution250774_10150201132293806_2220480_n



Come on… sooo, good.

Look at this ridic tile work… thinking about the girls bathroom…




dukegardens13 dukegardens11 dukegardens10 dukegardens8 dukegardens7 dukegardens6 dukegardens4 dukegardens5 dukegardens1 dukegardense

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