Entryway Pendant Light

Entryway Pendant Light

It finally came! The pendant for our entry that I have been waiting for. Sadly, there was just something about it. Just not perfect. Loved the glass, chain…What was it that I didn’t like? Couldn’t put my finger on it…


Then it was really obvious. The canopy. The cap that covers the hole in the ceiling. I like modern, but the pendant was just too modern, too much of a departure for the house with that canopy. It just needed a little changing to make it work… but I had never purchased light fixture parts, didn’t even know if I could at a reasonable price… after all, I did just buy a brand new light. I wanted something with just enough detail to make it appear to be a more vintage light. Scoured ebay with some luck, nothing that was worth the price or risk of ordering–most had missing parts, etc. Lowes/Home Dept were super limited. There had to be something out there, right? Turns out, yes. Yes there is. I found an awesome resource that I had to share: globalindustrial.com. They. Have. Errything. For. Super. Cheap. I found exactly what I need for $2.50. What!? At that price I was sure it was shipping from China, but I received the 2 new canopys I ordered in 3 days! Boom.

what the light came with:


what we are going with:


I am absolutely a details person. To some, including my husband at times, the difference doesn’t seem so obvious, or even worth the effort. But, for me, it always, always is. If I couldn’t find these guys above, I would have definitely returned the light. But now, its a perfect mix for the house. 2 bucks? worth every penny. Oh, we went with the one on the left.

Pics of the progress on the entryway here.

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