Gigi’s Big Girl Room

Gigi’s Big Girl Room

My daughters rooms have always been a challenge for me. Their tastes change as quickly as mine do and I always struggle to strike a balance between letting my kids be kids in their own space, and keeping the look of the rooms consistent with the house. Well, F it. I’ve had a million ideas, “colors” (“I want a red room” ~Gigi @ age 4), schemes, themes, etc. F it. I don’t care if it’s a bit of a departure from the rest of the house, I don’t care if she tapes up her Snakes of North Carolina and Hello Kitty posters next to my favorite antique frames. But I do want to have it FINISHED. I didn’t want to be perpetually decorating it anymore. I wanted my girl to feel comfy and able to customize her own space, but I also wanted to be able to leave the door open when we had guests over. And it is, after all, a little girls room… I could do something whimsical and a little over the top…

But, to that point, the room didn’t have to look like a fricken circus either. SO, here is what we finally committed to…

I have always loved this home, specifically this bedroom: via

It ended up being the majority of the inspiration for Gigi’s room. We just made the palette a little more kid friendly, and TADA!! (better pictures to come)IMG_4915


The pictures are crummy–took them with my phone. I plan on taking some proper ones–where you can see more of the room–and posting again.



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