Super Budget Kitchen Reno

Super Budget Kitchen Reno

Finally, we completed (mostly completed) a room in our house. The dreaded kitchen. I loved our home from the moment I saw it. But I knew the kitchen would not stand for long. My initial instinct, like most people not afraid of a little DIY, was to gut it and and spend the next several weeks assembling IKEA cabinetry. But we forced ourselves to live with the kitchen –faux stained and super lacquered– for a few months before making any decisions. I started to appreciate a great deal about it. The counter tops were natural stone–plus, a busy granite–minus, but they were just installed right before the house was listed. Even if I had a limitless budget, I could never come to terms with scrapping perfectly good materials for the sake of my love of the less practical marble. Though it was kinda frenetic, and the edge profile was nothing I would have chosen, it was neutral. Brown, cream, khaki, all my favs. It was staying.  Another keeper, the lower cabinets. They were old, and refinished in a weird cherry stain with tons of lacquer–minus, but they were solid wood–plus, in a functional layout–double plus. They were also a decent/common profile, which got me to thinking… instead of IKEA, what about Home Depot? I wanted to make some changes to the layout that required additional lower cabs… after a quick scouting trip to HD, I found that not only did they have the same profile, but the cabs were pre-assembled and 20% off! FYI, Home Depot runs that cabinet sale regularly. If you are thinking about doing something like we did, wait for the mark down.

So before I get into anymore, here are the befores and durings…. yikes.


yes, butternut squash with sage green and buttermilk yellow… oh, my.


Now, the biggest issue I had, aside from the finishes, was the placement of the refrigerator. It just made no sense at all. The little fridge crowed the range and the door leading to the garage. Meanwhile, on the far side of the island, was a huge, useless pantry. Six feet wide and almost that deep, it was always a total disaster. And the doors were never, ever closed. argh.


I knew that with a little space planning, a lot of paint, and some stellar inspiration (Darryl Carter and Lauren Liess are my go tos. A. maze. balls.) I could have the kitchen I wanted. The challenge, the budget. The brake down of how we went from that, to this… is on its way.



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