Super Budget Kitchen Reno: The Process

Super Budget Kitchen Reno: The Process

About 2 months, a zillion sheets of sandpaper, bloodied knuckles, and countless glasses of cheap wine… we made our way through the kitchen reno.

We ended up with a hybrid of cabs, lowers were originals and new, off the rack from Home Depot. And the other cabinets were from IKEA.


Demo is always the easiest part…




Except for when you find… fricken wallpaper. The kind of wallpaper that takes the drywall with it, craps.




The old pantry is gone… framing out the new one with IKEA High cabs in  Ramsjö white.




We were able to use the existing fridge and recess it into the wall! Huge savings. And just an FYI, Ramsjö white (that I chose based on the “white washed” look, exposed grain, etc.) is more of a “pink washed”. I had to paint all of those cabinets too. eh. Get the corkscrew.




Left is painted white, right panel is the original pinkish tone, bummer. More updates to come… check out the kitchen in its original glory here.

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