Espresso: My “You Got This!” Life Coach

Espresso: My “You Got This!” Life Coach

My husband has a friend. Super smart, super motivated, works for IBM kinda friend. The kind of guy that turns his hobby into one of the most read blogs about this hobby. Now, it doesn’t hurt that his hobby is brewing/consuming the stuff that makes you so productive you can run this crazy successful forum and have a full time job, wife, kids, etc. The legal form of cocaine… espresso. If you have any interest in coffee, have your own espresso machine, or just want to watch my husband on you tube, you should check this out… Home

The point of this post:

Since knowing Dan, the coffee man, my husband and I have been thrown into the world of really, really good coffee. Honestly, don’t know how I made it through a day before. Getting to the point… We just found a coffee shop where you can can get the most amazing cup of anything coffee related here in Raleigh. Joule. They have a “tea” made from dried coffee cherries… What? A. Maze. Balls. After doing a little GTSing, I found out that that owner of the place also runs my other favs in Raleigh, Beasley’s Chicken and Honey and Chucks, and they are all on the same block. Ashley Christensen you are my hero.





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