Hello There

Hello There

Our old house
This is where we used to live. When we used to live in Northern Virginia. Before we made the decision to ditch the traffic, the excess, the grind and move to Raleigh, North Carolina. More specifically, Cary. I was working full time as a graphic designer, commuting the two ridiculous hours into DC three days a week. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great job, paid me a ton of money, but I just couldn’t leave my kids anymore and the money was just never enough. We knew something had to give. After many late nights of obsessive research and number crunching, we decided to do something crazy… I quit my job. We packed up and moved to the to this amazing place where our family could live -well- on one income. Where I could raise my own kids. Finally done surviving and starting to prosper. I have been blessed enough to pursue the things that make me happy and compile them here. That said, I am utterly obsessed with home and everything in it. And equally as fanatical about getting a deal. I am on a perpetual treasure hunt. Proof that you don’t need a lot of coin to live in with beauty and contentment.

Here’s what I plan to do… for every post, I’ll give a detail of what, where, and how much. I always search for this kinda information, and figured I couldn’t be the only one. I have two young girls, a three and four year old, and a very excitable, very overweight amstaf (pitbull). Everything that is in my house has withstood the sticky finger/dirty paw test. If something doesn’t hold up, I will let you know.

Hope you enjoy! Kelley

DSC0273 DSC0271

Wall color: Ralph Lauren Paints, urban loft (sullivan)Floor light: West Elm, adjustable metal floor lamp, $169.00; Rug: Pottery Barn, fringed hand-loomed rug-wheat, $499.99; Sectional: IKEA, no longer sold; Curtains: IKEA, no longer sold (I pinch pleated them myself, hardware is from Target.) Side chairs: Target, dolce armless chair tweed, $129.00; Pillows: on side chairs; Thomas O’brian for Target (no longer available at Target but you can find them on ebay) on sectional: white covers and all inserts, IKEA; Blue floral crewel and polka-dot, Ralph Lauren, scored at Home Goods, $15.00-$39.99; Pendant light: Pottery Barn, porter pendant large, $149.00; Table: CB2, silverado round table, $299.00. Chairs: West Elm, stackable chair in walnut, $99.00; Floral vases: Target, no longer available; My husband made the coffee table and the prints in the frames on the wall were purchased stock photos. The frames are from IKEA ages ago, along with rest of the vases. The work bench under the TV was uncovered at a relatives house.

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