Brand Inspiration: Harry’s

Brand Inspiration: Harry’s

Stumbled on this brand a few weeks back and found myself revisiting and revisiting. The simple reason is obvious, super functional site and outstanding branding. But its the company story that prompted this post. Harry’s is a shave supply startup that broke into the $2.4 billion mens grooming market, largely due to their branding… and their attempt to answer the question: “why an everyday product, like a pack of razors, costs over $20 bucks?” Yeah, what the heck?

Love them. From the woolly mammoth, to the product names–“the Truman”, the slogans “Shaving doesn’t have to hurt. That’s why we created Harry’s”, and the super clever online mag/blog Five O’ Clock — get it? Harry’s makes me think of the slew of terrific masculine brands that are really carving into their respective markets by way of awesome products –of course– but also stellar branding. Places and things that I enjoy as much as my husband, like: Saturday’s, Shinola, and Miansai. Gentleman, not cavemen. Just some early week inspiration.








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