Our Bedroom: Lipstick on a Pig

Our Bedroom: Lipstick on a Pig

Looks like we are finally going to get to our bedroom. With every one of our moves, it has always been on the bottom of the priority list. Took some quick shots of the room as it is now, we never got to painting the walls before I started layering in all of my “things”. No amount of layering will hide the fact the wall color totally clashes and the room is just not functional in-terms of storage. Phil and I have some big plans for making it more efficient, but it will most likely include a total change to the color scheme. Bummer, I really liked where this blue, black and white thing was going, but it won’t last for long. Have to make way for progress… but thought I would share our “almost done” room, before we completely change it šŸ™‚

IMG_0598 _DSC0025web _DSC0034web



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